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Prego, An Invitation to Italian
6th or 7th edition, Lazzarino, McGraw-Hill

We list Prego because students are often curious about a text. This one does serve as a good supplement to the course; however, we will not be using it in class, as we will provide you with our own materials. Note that the 6th or 7th edition (older editions) can be picked up for a few dollars on Amazon.

Festive Classes!

Each Italian class will last for two hours and be will be held once a week. During each meeting, you will be introduced to a building block concept in the grammar and culture that will then be used in conversation to practice throughout the class. At times you may read and act out a dialogue, work with partners in role-playing situations, sing a song, or prepare some some bella bruschetta as you learn the recipe in italiano! The fundamental class components are as follows:

Practicing to Speak

There is no homework in this class! We will provide colorful handouts of each lecture that you can review in your own time during the week. The idea is to begin thinking in Italian on a daily basis. We therefore invite you to review a few minutes every day and if you have time to join one of the class study groups that connects to practice speaking (and enjoying good food) in italiano!